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Feb 5, 2013 5:30am PST
detention. standard and poor's is being sued by the u.s. government. some say that it is about time. abuse and injustice, the scandal of false adoption for unmarried mothers in ireland. the president of iran has arrived in cairo. it is the first time an iranian head of government has visited egypt since the iranian revolution in 1959. he got a grand reception but back home he has been dealt a big blow. one of his closest allies has been arrested. thought to be the latest in the approach between the president and his approach -- his opponent. more from cairo in a moment. >> the judiciary has not yet said what they have arrested him. one official report said that he was arrested for illegal possession of government property as the head of the social security network. ahmadinejad promoted him cheat -- two years after he was suspended as the prosecutor general. he is charged with the torture and death of protesters following the 2009 election. that prison has since been closed. back in 2003 he was in the custody of a canadian irani and. i will point out that he has never been charged for that.
Feb 7, 2013 5:30am PST
the potential to carry out tests using a method that would make a nuclear weapon extremely effective. >> in the past, the nuclear bombs dropped on hiroshima and nagasaki were made of plutonium. weighed 13 tons and it resulted in a huge number of casualties. we believe the advanced weapons from the north might have several times more impact and could almost destroy an entire city. >> a new report by doctors without borders says half of the 220,000 syrian deputies in lebanon are not receiving adequate medical care. it says the situation has deteriorated over the last six months. now this live report from club anon. they were meant to be refugee camps, but are they providing any real refuge for the syrians escaping the fighting? >> the report says, basically, that the refugees are living in subhuman conditions. they don't have adequate shelter or access to medical care. we are the valid at one of the u.n. centers where the refugees come to register their names. it's a very important process. you can see them lining up. they come with their whole family and each member of the family has
Feb 22, 2013 2:00pm PST
'm talking now. when you use a musical instrument, you focus people's attention on the matter that you have at hand, and you entertain them. so you open them up emotionally. the music has a way of reaching people on a nonverbal, emotional level. [low hum and sticks clacking] [cultural music montage] [woman singing in native dialect] (man) we all have musical memories. they go back to our earliest childhood. they form a large part of how we feel about time. as our life unfolds, we connect the dots with musical memories very often. ♪ my momma told me, if i was good, ♪ so, in the personal sense, we stitch together our lives with music in a very direct way. [rock music] i don't think that most people can tell you where they were ten years ago, but if you sing a song from that summer, they can tell you exactly where they were, who they were dating, what car they were driving in, and the music can spark those kind of things. (narrator) musical memory can function at both the personal and cultural levels. while personal memory is unique to individuals, cultural memory is something that is shar
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3